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Company ordered to pay compensation over spinal injury

Company ordered to pay compensation over spinal injury
A firm has been ordered to pay compensation to a man who suffered a spinal injury on his commute home from work.

Brian Piccolo was travelling home from his position at banking and financial services provider BNP Paribas when the accident occurred six years ago.

He was at Chiltern Flowers' stall at Marylebone Station when he slipped on petals left on the floor outside the stall and sustained damage to his spine.

According to Mr Piccolo, who was seeking £1.5 million from owners of the stall Larkstock, he is still struggling to walk for more than 50 yards and fears he will one day end up in a wheelchair.

During a recent court hearing, Judge Altman ruled that Larkstock had negligently failed to clear up water and petals on the ground near the stall and was therefore liable to pay compensation to Mr Piccolo.

In an out-of-court settlement, the two parties agreed upon a sum, the terms of which have not been disclosed.