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Pleural plaques sufferer backs compensation calls

Pleural plaques sufferer backs compensation calls

A woman from the north-east of England has backed calls for the reinstatement of the right for people with pleural plaques to seek compensation.

Over two years ago, the House of Lords ruled that such people were not eligible for payouts.

Recently, however, the Scottish parliament voted to enable pleural plaques sufferers living in the country to claim compensation.

According to Kathleen Baister, this cross-border inequality is unfair and everyone with the condition should be able to take legal action, local paper the Evening Chronicle reports.

The 66-year-old was diagnosed with the lung condition, which is an indication of previous exposure to asbestos, 12 years ago.

She had come into contact with the substance while working at the Washington Chemical Works in the early 1960s.

Ms Baister stated: "Whether or not pleural plaques develops into anything else doesn't matter. It's an illness you should be compensated for. It's not fair that some get money and others don't."

More recently, she has developed asbestosis, a chronic and incurable lung condition that results in shortness of breath.