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Compensation of £120k awarded following workplace injury

Compensation of £120k awarded following workplace injury
A man who was seriously injured while performing his duties at work has been awarded a payout of £120,000 after his employers admitted liability and settled out of court.

The man, who wished to remain unnamed, has been unable to return to work since the incident, which occurred in February 2007.

In wet conditions, he had been climbing a ladder attached to his van in order to access the roof rack when he slipped and fell to the floor.

As a result of the impact, he broke his heel and went on to develop arthritis.

For four months after the accident, he had to wear a plaster cast and he still claims to be in constant pain.

He stated: "I felt I should claim compensation because I have been forced to take such a long time off work and it is still uncertain that I will be able to return in the future."

According to figures cited by the Health and Safety Executive, 299,000 reportable worker injuries occurred in 2007-08.