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Asbestos-related cancer sufferer secures £200k

Asbestos-related cancer sufferer secures £200k
A man who was diagnosed in the summer of 2007 with the asbestos-related cancer mesothelioma has been successful in his bid to secure a payout.

The grandfather-of-two, who did not wish to be named, was recently awarded compensation of £200,000, it has emerged.

He had been exposed to the hazardous material while working as a labourer's mate for one of the companies which subsequently became part of Cape firm.

His role involved mixing asbestos to insulate boiler pipes.

"It was a hard job but it paid well. I was only doing it for the summer before joining the RAF," he said, adding: "I had no idea that it would lead to me becoming ill so many years later."

The cancer sufferer went on to say that he is glad the claim has been settled in his lifetime.

Recently, the Mirror made a number of calls on the government in connection with asbestos-related disease sufferers.

For example, it said that such people who are unable to trace the insurers of the bosses responsible for exposing them to asbestos should receive "fair and equal" compensation.