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Woman awarded compensation after husband died from asbestosis

Woman awarded compensation after husband died from asbestosis

A woman whose husband died as a result of asbestos exposure has secured compensation.

Mr Stuart was 89 when he succumbed to the chronic lung condition, which is incurable and causes shortness of breath.

During his career, he had worked for the then ministries of defence and environment in Scotland, the Edinburgh Evening News reports.

After his death, doctors confirmed that he had developed asbestosis from exposure to asbestos dust.

Prior to developing the condition, he had been fit and active.

His widow, Elizabeth, took legal action against the Advocate General for Scotland, representing the ministries.

Recently, Lord Brodie ruled that she was entitled to £9,500.

In a written judgement, he said: "I consider that the deceased's estate is entitled to damages by way of reparation in respect of a period of about 18 months, or just a little more, during which the deceased was significantly disabled by reason of breathlessness."