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Not making a will can leave a "terrible mess"

Not making a will can leave a "terrible mess"

Failing to make a will can leave a "terrible mess", it has been suggested.

Writing for MoneyWeek, Ruth Jackson said that not preparing such a document can be problematic should people unexpectedly die.

According to the expert, this is particularly the case for people who have dependents.

She said: "If you die without a will you are described as dying 'intestate' and there are laws dealing with who gets what from your estate. And there's a good chance that what the law says and what you might expect or want to happen are two different things."

It is even more important for people who are unmarried but who are living with a partner to draw up a will, Ms Jackson added.

She pointed out that when such people die, they are treated by the Treasury as though they are single - meaning their partner is ignored.

Meanwhile, a National Consumer Council report cited recently by The Children's Mutual suggested that 79 per cent of households with dependent children have not drawn up a will.