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Newspaper ordered to pay out in libel case

Newspaper ordered to pay out in libel case
A newspaper has been ordered to pay compensation to a Bulgaria-based businessman, it has emerged.

According to reports in the Press Gazette, the Daily Express is to pay £35,000 in damages in relation to a story it printed.

In April 2007, the publication - which is owned by the group Express Newspapers - published a story entitled "Nightmare for Britons buying their dream homes abroad".

In the article, it was alleged that a couple from the UK buying a Bulgarian property from Synergen Eood had been intimidated and had their property set on fire following a dispute over the deal.

Owner of the firm George St Clare sued the paper and its reporter Nick Fagge.

The story was retracted last year and an apology printed, but the damages were only agreed recently.

As well as damages, Express Newspapers - which also owns papers such as the Daily Star and Sunday Express - was ordered to pay the claimants' costs.