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Man awarded £40k for unfair dismissal

Man awarded £40k for unfair dismissal
A worker who was sacked from his position has been awarded a payout of over £40,000.

Giovanni Capaldi was fired from Fastway Couriers, trading as Glasgow Support Services, last year.

The 52-year-old, who was earning around £500 a week on a part-commission basis, was told that his sales performance was poor and that he had previously been warned about the consequences of this.

It was alleged by the firm - which is headquartered in Milton Keynes - that Mr Capaldi was only meeting 38 per cent of his targets.

However, the worker complained, drawing attention to a magazine article that singled out his sales performance for praise in August 2007.

He also said that he had not been given any prior warnings about his conduct or capability.

During a recent hearing, judge Paul Cape ruled that he had been unfairly dismissed and ordered the company to pay him £33,031 in compensation plus a further £9,218 in notice of pay, holiday pay and increased compensation because the firm had failed to follow correct procedures.