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'Increasing number of workers' claiming unfair dismissal from SMEs

'Increasing number of workers' claiming unfair dismissal from SMEs

A rising number of employees in the UK are claiming unfair dismissal from small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it has been revealed.

According to figures published by insurer Hiscox, there has been a threefold rise in such complaints over the last quarter.

The firm suggested that the failure of businesses to adhere to correct statutory procedures when making staff redundant is behind the trend.

It points out that a former worker may claim discrimination on the basis of age, race or gender and could perceive the redundancy process as having been unfair.

"In the current downturn, we have seen a noticeable increase in claims from employers being sued by former employees. It is quite clear that many employers are not adopting the correct procedures," stated SME expert at Hiscox Gary Head.

Recently, equalities minister Harriet Harman warned companies against unfairly targeting women for redundancies, saying that such actions transgress employment laws.