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Business tycoon sues newspaper over alleged libel

Business tycoon sues newspaper over alleged libel
Business tycoon Trevor Hemmings is suing a UK newspaper over an article that was published earlier this month, it has emerged.

According to reports in the Press Gazette, the owner of the Blackpool Tower alleges that a story featured in the Times was libellous.

Entitled "Tories back slot machines and win tycoon Trevor Hemmings's £200,000 jackpot", the article contained allegations concerning donations to the Conservative party.

The story was accompanied by a a photograph of Mr Hemmings with Conservative leader David Cameron at a Tory party fundraiser last year.

No papers are currently available on the writ, which was served this week, the Press Gazette states.

They will not be made public until Times Newspapers has acknowledged that it has been served.

Meanwhile, the article in question has been flagged up with a warning saying: "This article is the subject of a legal complaint."

The Times is published by Times Newspapers, a subsidiary of News International, which is in turn owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation Group.