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Payout of over £100k awarded after accident at work

Payout of over £100k awarded after accident at work

A court has ruled that a payment of more than £100,000 should be made to a man who suffered injuries to his hand in an accident at work.

Raymond Campbell was awarded the compensation during a recent high court hearing, the Fermanagh Herald.

He had been working at McKeown Sawmill in Clogher in January 2006 when the incident occurred.

His right hand came into contact with a circular saw, causing damage to his wrist and thumb.

Such was the severity of the injury, the court was told, that Mr Campbell would never be able to return to his normal course of employment.

Meanwhile, figures produced by the Health and Safety Executive suggest that 34 million working days were lost in 2007-08 as a result of work-related ill health, while six million were lost due to injury.

In addition, 229 UK workers lost their lives over the course of the year.