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'Many parents' without wills

'Many parents' without wills

A significant number of UK parents have not made a will, it has been suggested.

According to a National Consumer Council report cited by The Children's Mutual, 79 per cent of households with dependent children have not drawn up such a document.

The firm stated that many consumers believe the process of drawing up a will is too complex, irrelevant to their situation or too morbid to consider.

However, The Children's Mutual - which is a trading name of the Tunbridge Wells Equitable Group - warned that in the event of both parents dying unexpectedly without a will, a court may have how to distribute any resultant estate.

The way in which it does so may not reflect the intentions of the deceased parents, it added.

Marketing director of The Children's Mutual, Tony Anderson, said: "During discussions with our customers about the aspects of parenting that most worry them, the issue of wills and securing their children's futures was regularly high up the list."