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Man seeks compensation after motorbike accident

Man seeks compensation after motorbike accident

A man who was injured in a road accident is taking legal action in a bid to secure a payout.

Simon Powell was riding on his motorbike along the B4363 near Cleobury Mortimer - a town which is located under the Clee Hills in south Shropshire - in August 2005 when the incident occurred.

The 45-year-old collided with a fellow motorcyclist who was travelling in the opposite direction.

Mr Powell suffered injuries to his head which have left him unable to remember what happened.

His legal team accuse the other rider, Neil Auden, of causing the crash and say that if their client is successful in his bid for a payout, he could receive a seven-figure sum.

They allege that Mr Auden - who denies the claims - was riding too close to the central white line on the road.

According to the team, he then skidded into the path of Mr Powell.

The hearing is ongoing.

John Oultram, personal injury partner at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "This is a particularly tragic accident involving two fellow motorcyclists emphasising the hazards of riding.

"One wonders whether accidents such as this could be avoided if motorcyclists hone their riding skills attending refresher courses such as Bikesafe which are also fun and a great way to meet fellow biking enthusiasts.

"Whilst a car driver can rely on the protection of the vehicle, a motorcyclist only has his or her riding skills and experience to protect them from injury."