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Wrongly dismissed estate agent awarded £13k compensation

Wrongly dismissed estate agent awarded £13k compensation

A Northumberland estate agent has successfully sued her former employers for wrongful dismissal.

Northumbrian Independent Estate Agents were ordered to pay Dawn MacMillan, 45, of Featherstone, over £13,000 at an employment tribunal after sacking her in April 2005 following a prolonged period of illness, reports.

Mrs MacMillan is quoted by the news source as saying: "I know I was a very good employee and to be treated like that was just disgusting […] It has been proved I have done nothing wrong."

The mother-of-two, who had worked for the firm as a sales negotiator for over three years, was told her job no longer existed after taking time off in February 2008 with a viral infection that led to serious circulatory and viral kidney illnesses.

She received no notice of the termination of her contract and was told by her boss David McCormack that he could not afford to provide sick pay.

Northumbrian Independent Estate Agents specialise in rentals, lettings and housing developments, and are based in Haltwhistle.