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Pothole accident victims get total of almost £200k compensation

Pothole accident victims get total of almost £200k compensation

People who were injured by potholes and other damaged pavements in the East Anglian county of Suffolk between April 1st 2004 and March 31st 2008 received a combined total of nearly £200,000 in compensation, it has emerged.

Figures gathered under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, which gives anyone rights of access to information which is held by a public authority, suggest that Suffolk county council paid out £190,905 to such accident victims during the four-year period.

The payouts ranged in size from a modest £50 to a considerable £47,613, the East Anglian Daily Times reports.

In total, 192 accidents were recorded over the four years.

Commenting on the issue of pedestrian safety, a spokesperson for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: "It is important places are well maintained to ensure no unnecessary risk is posed to the public. Of course there will always be a risk [but] it is about minimising that risk."