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Lawyer wrongly forced to retire, tribunal rules

Lawyer wrongly forced to retire, tribunal rules

A judge in an employment appeal tribunal hearing has ruled that a lawyer was wrongly forced to retire.

Leslie Seldon was made to give up his role at Clarkson, Wright and Jakes - a firm which was founded in 1875 - at the age of 65, Personnel Today reports.

The former senior partner was told by the company that his work had "dropped off" since he passed the default retirement age.

During the recent hearing, Justice Elias stated that there was in fact "no evidential basis for that assumption".

He subsequently remitted the case back to the original tribunal to assess whether there were other reasons which could justify the retirement of partners at the age of 65.

According to Personnel Today, under age discrimination laws introduced two years ago, partners are excluded from the default retirement age but can be made to give up work at 65 to achieve business aims.