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Electric shock down mine results in compensation

Electric shock down mine results in compensation
Compensation has been paid to the victim of an electric shock, it has emerged.

William Vaughan was working down the Boulby Potash Mine - which is situated in the north-east of England and is said to be one of the deepest of its kind in Europe at over 1,400m - when the accident occurred.

The 55-year-old plater was welding a section of metal flooring when a fault in the equipment he was using caused him to experience a shock which lasted for 30 seconds and could have been fatal, GazetteLive reports.

Although he has made a full physical recovery, Mr Vaughan, who was working as a contractor when the incident took place, claims to suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder.

As a result, he says it is unlikely that he will ever be able to return to work.

Indeed, he claims that he is even scared to switch on electrical appliances in his home.