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Worker successfully claims unfair dismissal

Worker successfully claims unfair dismissal

A female worker who lost her job last year has successfully claimed that she was the victim of unfair dismissal.

Jayne Wyatt, a former senior AA hotel inspector, was sacked by AA owner Saga - a firm which specialises in providing services to people over the age of 50 - in October 2007 over a disagreement concerning terms and conditions, CatererSearch reports.

The dispute began in the autumn of the previous year when the firm's private equity owners at the time, CVC and Permira, instated a new manager in Ms Wyatt's division and changed the terms and conditions of employment, which meant a pay cut for staff of up to £9,000.
Ms Wyatt registered her opposition to the alterations in an email to colleagues.

She claims that, after this, she was victimised and eventually dismissed by her employers.

A recent tribunal ruled that Ms Wyatt had been sacked unfairly and a further hearing is to be scheduled to decide how much she should receive in damages.