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Parliamentary assistant may go to employment tribunal

Parliamentary assistant may go to employment tribunal

An assistant to a member of the Scottish National Party (SNP) may go to an employment tribunal in order to resolve a dispute, it has emerged.

Craig Munro, who is the parliamentary assistant to Nationalist list MSP Bob Doris, has been suspended on full pay since June 6th, when the pair had an argument, the Sunday Herald reports.

Mr Munro had been off work with stress at the time and had gone in to meet Mr Doris in an attempt to resolve the issue.

However, the exchange resulted in a scuffle and the police were informed.

The assistant is now said to be looking into initiating an employment tribunal in a bid to bring an end to the deadlock.

An MSP for the SNP - which was founded in 1934 - said: "I think it will probably need to go to a tribunal outside the parliament. This is now six months down the line. It should have been resolved by now."