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Organisations 'must raise awareness of bullying'

Organisations 'must raise awareness of bullying'

In order to tackle workplace bullying, organisations must raise awareness of the issue, it has been suggested.

According to Lyn Witheridge, chief executive of the Andrea Adams Trust, managers need to be trained in how to combat such discrimination and "key people" such as harassment advisors and investigators should be put in place.

She said: "Organisations are, every day, revising policies and procedures to give employees a route to air grievances, but policies and procedures are just written words."

The expert went on to say that, while people generally want to go to work, they do not wish to be beaten up either physically or psychologically.

A non-political, non-profit making charity operating as the focus for the diverse and complex problems caused by bullying behaviour in the workplace, the Andrea Adams Trust was established in June 1997.

It works to reduce the incidence of workplace bullying by increasing understanding of the issue and acting as a source of information and advice.