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Man awarded compensation after workplace fall

Man awarded compensation after workplace fall
A man who was injured in a fall at work has been awarded compensation, it has been revealed.

Former harbour master Michael Leggett exacerbated onset arthritis by two years after falling down stairs at Southwold Harbour, the Lowestoft Journal reports.

The 58-year-old had worked for Waveney district council - which is headquartered in the town hall in Lowestoft - for a total of 21 years prior to the accident.

It occurred when he went out to throw away a carton of milk and slipped on stairs that were slimy as a result of decades of exposure to the sea.

Staff had reportedly complained about the state of the stairs, which were missing their handrail since another worker fell on it and caused it to give way.

Although Mr Leggett returned to work initially, he found he was in too much pain and opted to take early retirement.

The council has now been ordered to pay him compensation of £6,000.