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Hospital mistake leads to payout of over £5m

Hospital mistake leads to payout of over £5m
A mistake made by a hospital which resulted in a baby sustaining brain damage has led to a payout of £5.8 million.

Clair Simpson was born 27 years ago with a congenital heart defect and, at the age of 11 months, she underwent open heart surgery at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, which has more than 850 beds for patients.

Despite the procedure itself being a success, medical staff failed to manage her post-operative drug therapy correctly and she suffered a heart attack, the Winsford Guardian reports.

The cardiac arrest resulted in severe brain damage, which has left her unable to care for herself and means that she will be dependent on others for the rest of her life.

Her parents will use the money to pay for specialist carers to look after her in the family home.

Commenting on the award, her mother, Veronica, said: "No sum of money can ever compensate Clair and ourselves for what we have lost."