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Firm mostly to blame for worker injury, judge rules

Firm mostly to blame for worker injury, judge rules
A company has been ruled 80 per cent liable for an injury that was sustained by one of its workers.

During a recent hearing in London's high court, judge Gareth Hawkesworth QC paved the way for a compensation claim to be made against Kebabery Wholesale, the Hackney Gazette reports.

In July 2004, one of its workers suffered the loss of his right arm after it was crushed in a kebab meat-mixing machine.

Cafer Sonmez was attempting to clean the device when the accident happened.

Despite emergency surgery, he was forced to have the damaged limb amputated and has been left with only a stump.

The 55-year-old will now have to wait for a further hearing to find out how much compensation he will receive, unless an agreement is reached in the meantime.

In the UK in 2007-08, a total of 136,771 non-fatal injuries were sustained by workers, figures produced by the Health and Safety Executive suggest.