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Council pays up in unfair dismissal case

Council pays up in unfair dismissal case
A local authority has agreed to pay compensation to a former employee, the Northern Echo reports.

Redcar and Cleveland council - which is based in North Yorkshire - was ruled to have unfairly sacked ex-employee Paul Whittaker.

It had dismissed him in August 2006 over claims that he had damaged a member of the public's bike.

Weeks before a hearing was due to take place to determine the amount Mr Whittaker would receive, the council agreed to a settlement with him.

Although the precise amount of the compensation package has not been revealed, it is said to be five figures.

Commenting on the development, Mr Whittaker said: "I am pleased I will now be able to draw a line under all of this. I feel vindicated that at last the council has paid compensation to me for what it put me and my family through over the last three years."