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Cerebral palsy sufferer receives £1.3m lump sum

Cerebral palsy sufferer receives £1.3m lump sum
A man who suffered brain damage during his birth 37 years ago has been awarded compensation.

Darren Anderson, who was born at St Peter's Hospital in Surrey, developed cerebral palsy.

The condition is caused by a shortage of oxygen to the brain and affects movement and coordination.

As a result, he has been dependent of the care of others and has been unable to hold down a job.

Last year, the issue of liability was resolved on the basis of 72.5 per cent in Mr Anderson's favour.

During a recent high court hearing in London, it was ruled that he should receive a lump sum in excess of £1.3 million and annual payments of more than £70,000 for the rest of his life.

Addressing Mr Anderson's parents, Brian and Audrey - who are aged 65 and 62 respectively - Mr Justice Sweeney said that they had done a "remarkable" job in looking after their son.