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Woman injured in rambling accident secures £3k payout

Woman injured in rambling accident secures £3k payout
A woman who was injured when a walkway collapsed has secured compensation of £3,000.

Supply teacher Birgit Green was travelling along a path in the Combe Haven Valley Nature Reserve when a section of a wooden bridge's planking gave way.

As a result of the incident, she suffered fractures to the base of her second and third metatarsals and cuts and bruising.

The 63-year-old also claimed that, due to the fact she had to wear a plaster cast on her foot, she was wheelchair bound and unable to ramble for nine months.

Ms Green sued East Sussex county council for personal injury damages, saying that the bridge was fundamentally unsafe.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Ramblers' Association, which aims to improve conditions for people who walk in England, Scotland and Wales, said that local authorities have a duty to maintain footpaths located within their areas, the Telegraph reports.

He added: "Care and maintenance of footpaths is therefore not something that councils can simply choose to opt out of."