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Roof collapse results in compensation claim

Roof collapse results in compensation claim
A collapsing roof has resulted in a family initiating legal action in a bid to secure compensation, it has been revealed.

In July 2005, a brother and sister were injured when masonry collapsed on top of them during a boxing training session in the Rotherham Boxing Centre, South Yorkshire.

The pair, who are now aged 13 and 17, were being taught by Herol Graham at the time of the accident, the Sheffield Telegraph reports.

According to the publication, he denies liability for the accident, stating that blame lies with the owners of the property that he had hired in order to conduct his classes.

Mr Graham says that he was also placed in danger by the falling roof.

Meanwhile, legal representatives for the family involved claim that both the teenagers still suffer from the effects of the incident.

Allegedly, the 13-year-old boy continues to experience back pain, while both siblings have psychological problems.