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People 'should seek professional advice over wills'

People 'should seek professional advice over wills'

People seeking to draw up a will have been advised to seek help from a professional lawyer.

According to Helen Dring, a member of the National Association of Solicitors for the Elderly, while online wills may look attractive on a superficial basis because they can be cheap, they are in fact "fraught with danger", the Liverpool Daily Post reports.

She said: "For example, many online systems don't ask for financial details so they can't check inheritance tax and other legal implications, which mean that beneficiaries under an online will could end up paying a high price."

The expert went on to say that clients should meet up with a legal professional face-to-face in order to be sure they have drawn up a suitable will.

Recently, managing director of Exclusively Wills Paul Gachet said that younger adults who have just had children are among the most likely to make a will.