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Man exposed to asbestos set to receive £135k compensation

Man exposed to asbestos set to receive £135k compensation
A man who has developed cancer as a result of exposure to asbestos has been awarded a payout of £135,000.

The former worker, who held a variety of positions as an electrician over the course of his career, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in February of this year.

Shortly after discovering he was suffering from the condition - which affects the mesothelial cells and can develop in the tissue surrounding the lungs or abdomen - he took legal action.

In one of his roles, the individual had been responsible for building electrical panels which were mounted on to asbestos boards.

This involved cutting the asbestos boards into shape and drilling holes into them, meaning he came into contact with significant amounts of asbestos fibres.

According to the retired worker, he was never warned about the dangers of operating in close proximity to the hazardous insulating material and was not provided with protective equipment.