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Council reaches compensation agreement with employee

Council reaches compensation agreement with employee

A local authority has come to a settlement with a worker who suffered the loss of an eye in a workplace accident.

Cardiff county council agreed to pay the individual £32,000 in damages, Workplace Law Network reports.

The case relates to an incident involving plasterer David Perry, who works in the organisation's maintenance services department.

He had been digging up the passage floor and demolishing the passage walls at a council house when he reached for a sweeping brush and caught his right eye on the handle of a cement mixer.

The rubber cap which was usually in place at the end of the handle had worn away, exposing jagged metal.

Mr Perry said: "Sadly I lost the sight of this eye and I've been left disfigured and have had to keep it in place for cosmetic purposes. I am extremely frustrated by the disability that I have been left with."

The 52-year-old was treated for his injuries at the University Hospital of Wales, which is run by the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust.