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Banker wins substantial payout in discrimination case

Banker wins substantial payout in discrimination case

An Asian banker has been awarded a significant payout in a case involving allegations of racial discrimination.

Balbinder Chagger worked as a trading risk controller at Abbey - which is part of the Santander Group - for four and a half years before being made redundant as part of a cost cutting exercise.

The 40-year-old claimed he was targeted above a similarly performing woman simply because of his race.

After losing his job, he was forced to retrain as a maths teacher. He had unsuccessfully applied for 111 jobs before quitting the City.

Recently, Mr Chagger was awarded £2.8 million in compensation for future loss of earnings.

Abbey has won the right to challenge the amount but analysts predict the figure is still likely to reach seven figures.

Commenting on the case, the bank said: "We are currently considering whether to appeal further to the court of appeal as to these findings."