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Workplace fall leads to call for compensation

Workplace fall leads to call for compensation
A worker who sustained serious injuries as a result of a fall from height is taking legal action against his former employers in a bid to secure compensation.

Electrician David Rolfe is seeking £200,000 from Scottish and Southern Energy, a company which describes itself as one of the largest energy companies in Britain.

The 50-year-old fell from a telegraph pole in October 2006 after failing to secure his safety belt to the right ring on his harness, the Oxford Mail reports.

He suffered crushed vertebrae as a result of the incident and spent five days in intensive care.

Mr Rolfe accuses his former employer of failing to conduct a risk assessment and failing to supervise the work properly.

Although Scottish and Southern Energy is said to have admitted 60 per cent liability regarding the incident, it is disputing how much it should pay out.

A spokesperson for the firm confirmed that a claim is being processed but declined to comment further.