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Worker wins £55k compensation over discrimination claims

Worker wins £55k compensation over discrimination claims

An employee has secured a payout of £55,000 after claiming she was the victim of discrimination and harassment.

Former police inspector Jacinta Mackie retired earlier this year after 28 years of service, alleging her health was suffering as a result of the treatment she received in her role.

She said she had been sidelined and undermined after registering complaints concerning religious, political and sex discrimination with the management.

In a new development, Ms Mackie has been awarded a payout by the Police Service of Northern Ireland - which was established in 2001 - in an out-of-court settlement.

The organisation expressed regret that she had felt discriminated against and acknowledged that she had experienced significant injury to her feelings as a result of her work situation.

It also accepted that she had brought the proceedings in good faith and had suffered distress as a result of the delay in progressing with her complaints.