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Westminster 'has poor record concerning workplace injuries'

Westminster 'has poor record concerning workplace injuries'
Westminster has been revealed as the London borough which had the highest number of fatal and major workplace injuries in the capital last year.

The area experienced 281 such injuries over the 12-month period, figures released by the Chartered Society of Physiology suggest.

It was also found that the borough of Kensington and Chelsea saw 101 workers suffer serious or fatal injuries, while the figure for Hammersmith and Fulham was 61.

Commenting on the findings, Roger Bebbings, occupational safety head at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RosPA), said: "In inner London boroughs you've also got many accidents that haven't been included in this survey - like things which are related to driving for work reasons."

He went on to say that behind the figures, there is in each case a story of suffering, adding that more employers need to become aware of potential dangers in order to reduce accident rates.

Established over 90 years ago, RosPA is a registered charity which aims to promote safety and the prevention of accidents in all areas of life.