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Siblings feud over will in high court

Siblings feud over will in high court

A brother and sister are feuding with another brother in the high court over the contents of their father's will.

The Daily Express reported that Louise and Daniel Firkin-Flood thought their father's estate - which includes the 140-room Bredbury Hall Hotel in Stockport - would be divided evenly between them and their brother Ian.

But four days before he passed away in 2001, their father, Douglas Firkin-Flood, wrote a will which left 60 per cent of the trust to Ian, with the rest divided unevenly between Louise and Daniel.

Daniel said he was "shocked" to read the contents of the will and the siblings assert that their father may have been unduly influenced by Ian in his weakened state.

They are arguing that he lacked the capacity to make a will at the time, as he was on morphine to treat cancer.

Ian asserts there was no agreement that their father's assets would be shared equally.

Directgov states that people should keep their wills up to date by reviewing the documents every five years.