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Sex discrimination is rampant, new study finds

Sex discrimination is rampant, new study finds

Nearly a third of British women are paid less than men with equal experience, it has been claimed.

A survey by found that 30 per cent of female workers in the UK believe they are paid less than their male counterparts, even with the same skills and qualifications.

In addition, 13 per cent of men think they are paid less than their female equivalents.

Nearly a quarter (24 per cent) of UK women say they have fewer career advancement chances than their male counterparts while 17 per cent say they get less training.

More than 3,700 employees across seven European countries were polled for the study, which also took place in America.

In related news, warns that bogus job applicants are trying to exploit discrimination laws to earn payouts.

Employment judge Jane Liddington told the publication that due to pending job cuts, more people will apply for positions with two CVs, one mentioning a minority status.

If the latter CV is accepted but the other rejected, they may take the employer to court.