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"Seek advice" when making a will

"Seek advice" when making a will

An Age Concern campaigner has urged the elderly to seek advice if they are concerned about making or updating their will, the Press reported.

Sally Hutchinson of the campaign group said that some elderly people feel pressured or vulnerable when making a will and explained the best way to help combat this is to seek out advice from a support organisation or a solicitor.

Ms Hutchinson added that it does not need to be expensive to make a will, with some law firms offering special assistance for the elderly.

Furthermore, she asserted that if family tensions are making things difficult for the person drawing up the will, they can leave the document in a safe or with a solicitor.

The Register, a US-based newspaper, has echoed this statement, adding that wills are not only something for the elderly to consider.

According to the newspaper, as a will puts a "legal seal" on the wishes of the person who makes it, it is an essential document for everyone to have.