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Road accident victim awarded compensation for injuries

Road accident victim awarded compensation for injuries

A man who was forced to have part of the frontal lobe of his brain removed after being struck by a motorist has received a payout of £2.8 million.

Marc Cole was hit by a car after stepping out on to the A259 on the outskirts of the East Sussex town of Newhaven.

Just 17 at the time of the accident in 2003, he sustained a broken leg and was left with brain damage which causes him to experience mood swings and behave erratically, the Argus reports.

During a recent high court hearing, the insurers of the motorist involved agreed to the compensation sum, although the company did not admit liability in the case.

The money is intended as a means of covering the cost of Mr Cole's future care and will enable him to purchase his own home and pay for trained professionals to look after him.

His father Graham, who gave up work to help his injured son, stated: "The mental and physical stress of caring for someone with a brain injury is exhausting."