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London 'celebrity doctor' accused of negligence

London 'celebrity doctor' accused of negligence
A doctor and alternative therapist in London is set to face a high court lawsuit following a patient's allegations that both his legs needed to be amputated as a result of his treatment.

Dr Mosaraf Ali - who is credited for helping Spice Girl Geri Halliwell with a weight loss programme and for working with the Duchess of Cornwall when she quit smoking - treated Raj Bathija at the Integrated Medical Centre.

Mr Bathija, who was largely confined to a wheelchair following two strokes, sought out treatment from Dr Ali in 2005.

Following a massage he received at the medical centre, the 61-year-old textile trader claimed to feel a pins and needles sensation in one of his legs.

More massage was recommended as part of his treatment, but he claims both his legs became cold and discoloured.

Staff at St Thomas's Hospital said that a chronic shortage of blood supply meant that amputations needed to be carried out on both his legs, removing them from above the knee.

Dr Ali is accused of negligence by Mr Bathija, as he did not refer him to hospital.

The natural health practitioner trained at the University of Delhi and studied medical fasting, homeopathy and herbalism elsewhere in India.