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Woman may sue following deadly race accident

Woman may sue following deadly race accident
A woman is considering legal action against race officials who she claims failed to protect the safety of her husband and spectators at motorcycle races in 2007.

Marc Ramsbotham of Spooner Row - situated in Norfolk and close to Norwich - was killed while riding his motorbike in the Centenary TT race on the Isle of Man in June, the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press reports.

Two spectators also lost their lives in the crash, which happened at a notorious spot known as the 26th Milestone.

In a report on the accident, coroner Michael Moyle concluded there had been "considerable and wholesale failings" in the organisation and safety procedures for the race.

He added that if the 26th Milestone had been properly closed off, the spectators would not have lost their lives.

Consequently, Mr Ramsbotham's widow Sarah said she has sought legal advice on the matter.

"I have approached a solicitor and will see what advice they give me before deciding what to do next," she commented.