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Widow trapped by falling radiator wins compensation

Widow trapped by falling radiator wins compensation
A widow who was trapped by a fallen radiator for 24 hours has been awarded a payout of £20,000.

Margaretta Lewis was investigating strange sounds coming from the heating device when it fell from its brackets.

Only the next day, when a home help assistant arrived, was she rescued and admitted to hospital, the Daily Mail reports.

The 87-year-old, who comes from the West Sussex seaside town of Worthing, suffered severe burns, a fractured hip and a broken ankle as a result of the incident, which occurred in July 2005.

She received her compensation from the insurance firm of the plumber responsible for installing the radiator.

Ms Lewis stated: "You expect a workman to do his job properly and when things like this happen, naturally you are annoyed."

"It wasn't really about the money. It's about making sure it doesn't happen to anyone else."