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Rushdie wins apology in libel case

Rushdie wins apology in libel case

Novelist Salman Rushdie has been successful in a libel case he brought against a former police officer.

The 61-year-old had claimed that a book written by former bodyguard Ron Evans called On Her Majesty's Service portrayed him as "mean and arrogant".

He also alleged that it made his police guards look as though they had drunk while on duty.

During a recent high court hearing in London, Mr Evans' ghost writer Douglas Thompson and publishing firm John Blake Publishing issued an apology for the "hurt and damage" they had caused.

Elements of the book have now been rewritten.

In a statement, Rushdie said: "The author, ghost writers and publishers of this book have agreed in court that the book contained a very large number [of] serious falsehoods which they've admitted were complete lies."

He went on to state that the case has been an "unattractive affair".

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