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People 'should seek advice' when drawing up a will

People 'should seek advice' when drawing up a will

People planning to make a will should seek advice before doing so, an expert has asserted.

Speaking to the Sheffield Star, Angela Galvin stated that while many people admit they need to think about their future and make a will, an "increasing number" do not take specialist advice when preparing their documents.

Ms Galvin added that many people do not consider "the true value of the paperwork they have signed", stressing the importance of a well-prepared will.

Financial adviser Malcolm Cuthbert stated earlier this week that new parents may be wise to draw up a will around the time their baby is born to include the new addition to the family.

Last month, Helen Foster of Help The Aged stated that people who do not make a will run the risk of leaving their friends and family members with a number of difficulties and advised that while wills can be drawn up at home, enlisting the help of a professional will reduce the risk of complications and potentially costly mistakes.