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Leukaemia sufferer plans legal case for disability discrimination

Leukaemia sufferer plans legal case for disability discrimination

A man suffering from leukaemia has filed a legal case against his former boss when he was laid off for having to take time off for cancer treatment.

Norwich Evening News 24 reported that Paul Somerville, who supports his wife Sharon and four-year-old son Jack, said he did not know how he would provide for his family without regular income from his work at the Proper Meat Company.

He had been working in the butcher shop for two months at the time of the diagnosis and was sent his P45 in the post when he told them he needed to be signed off sick for a minimum of eight weeks.

"To be sacked when you are very ill is the lowest of the low," he told the newspaper. "I wasn't even told on the phone but just received my P45 in the post."

Mr Somerville is set to take Mike Seaman, the owner of the Proper Meat Company, to an employment tribunal under charges of disability discrimination, with a hearing expected to take place next month.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act, disabled workers cannot be dismissed or made redundant for reasons related to their disability.