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Industrial disease concerns 'worrying workers'

Industrial disease concerns 'worrying workers'
Workers at and near a former ICI chemical plant are concerned that it may be responsible for health complaints, including cancer.

The Middleton Guardian reports that claims that workers there may have developed diseases after being exposed to chemicals at the plant in Blackley are being investigated.

A solicitor told the newspaper that a former ICI Blackley employee who worked at the plant from 1955 to 1980 is now suffering from bladder cancer.

"We know there is a history of people exposed to chemicals developing cancers and in addition we are concerned that there may still be contaminated areas around the site, which was bought by Harrow Estates in 2004," he said.

Local landlady Linda Downs, whose pub is in close proximity to the site, believes it may have caused a skin complaint.

Last month, the Times reported that backbench MPs were fighting proposals which they said would stop victims of asbestos-related diseases from suing employers.

The plans removed the legal requirement to keep records of company liability insurance policies, preventing workers from tracing insurers to make claims.