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Employment tribunal awards £21,000 payout

Employment tribunal awards £21,000 payout

A total of 13 former colleagues have received a combined payment of £21,000 following an employment tribunal ruling.

The South Yorkshire Star reported that they were entitled to the payout after their South Yorkshire firm went into administration two years ago, leaving them jobless.

When William Freeman, a rubber and plastics firm located in Barnsley, collapsed in May 2006, all staff members were dismissed. However, those who were not members of the GMB trade union were refused the redundancy payments that were awarded to their colleagues in the union.

And although an earlier ruling had dismissed their claims for compensation, the most recent tribunal ruled in their favour after only five minutes.

An employment lawyer stated that the original system did not result in a fair outcome, as the staff members lost a payment of 90 days' worth of wages as a result of the incident, despite having stayed on for several days to assist their employer with cleaning up the business.