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Asbestos exposure 'may have happened in the workplace'

Asbestos exposure 'may have happened in the workplace'
A man who died of an asbestos-related cancer in Berkshire in 2007 may have come into contact with the hazardous substance during his work as a builder in the 1950s, a coroner has suggested.

Peter Bedford asserted that former builder and sheet metal worker Derek Edwards likely contracted mesothelioma as a result of accidental exposure to asbestos at work, according to Get Reading.

A post-mortem examination on Mr Edwards' lungs indicated that his right lung was completely encased in tumour, while his left lung contained a number of smaller tumours.

Despite the fact that Mr Edwards could not remember a specific time where he may have come into contact with asbestos, sheet metal work and building "are classic asbestos exposure scenarios", Mr Bedford stated.

"Deaths from mesothelioma are becoming all too frequent, I'm afraid to say from my perspective," the coroner added.

Meanwhile, the Daily Post reported this week that the family of a teacher in north Wales is investigating whether they have a case for compensation.

It is thought that Renee Eden died from an asbestos-related disease after coming into contact with the substance, which was contained in insulation and panelling at her former school.