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Yusuf Islam accepts libel damages

Yusuf Islam accepts libel damages

Yusuf Islam, the folk singer who was previously known as Cat Stevens, has been awarded undisclosed libel damages.

The artist, who has sold more than 60 million albums around the world since the late 1960s, was described in March last year as a sexist bigot who refused to speak to women who were not wearing a veil in an article produced by the World Entertainment News Network (WENN).

In the story, it was suggested that Mr Islam was so sexist that during an awards ceremony he would not speak to or even acknowledge women without veils.

According to Mr Islam's legal representatives, the article caused him serious embarrassment and distress.

They added that WENN and, which publishes news supplied by the network, had already issued apologies and had agreed to pay substantial damages.

Mr Islam was not at the hearing, which took place in London's high court.

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