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Workers to lobby for industrial disease compensation

Workers to lobby for industrial disease compensation
Employees in the construction industry are putting pressure on the government to compensate victims of the industrial disease pleural plaques.

As part of a campaign to force the administration to rule that insurers must pay out to sufferers of the condition, they will target the constituencies of cabinet ministers David Miliband and John Hutton this week, the Guardian reports.

Caused by exposure to the insulating material asbestos, pleural plaques are scars on the lungs and can be detected by x-rays once they have calcified.

"The insurance industry seems intent on dismantling the industrial injury compensation system and it has to be fought," stated Alan Ritchie, general secretary of the Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians.

Through their lobbying, the construction workers aim to force a ruling which will make insurers pay a compensation bill totalling around £1.4 billion to people diagnosed with the pleural plaques.