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Three disabled teens win discrimination case against salon

Three disabled teens win discrimination case against salon

Three teenagers who were told they were scaring other customers of a salon away as a result of their disabilities have won a payout.

A legal team representing Amy Fox, Aruna Gill and Jemimah Kumba brought the case against the Visage beauty salon in London, alleging they were refused custom and were subjected to rude and distressing behaviour.

Ms Fox has learning difficulties, while Ms Gill has a physical disability and is a wheelchair user and Ms Kumba has cerebral palsy - a condition which affects physical coordination and movement. She also has epilepsy, is non-verbal and uses a wheelchair.

The incident occurred in August 2006 when the teenagers' carer visited the salon to ask if staff would paint their nails.

Initially, she was told this would be possible. However, when the carer returned with the girls and a colleague, she was told they could not be served.

Commenting on the case, solicitor Claire Dawson, a member of the employment team at Russell Jones & Walker, said: "The girls just wanted to be treated like ordinary teenagers and it is a sad reflection on our society that prejudice got in the way."